How to create a fast & easy "paper car" with your kid!

How to create a fast & easy

Make the frame of your paper car. Cut two sheets of paper, one part smaller than the other. Roll all pieces & tape together, top pieces are the small ones. You can also use paper towel & TP rolls.

I made the front (hood) longer than the back (trunk). Obviously, it doesn't have to be perfect. :) This is all about quality time with your kids.

Wrap your frame with a paper towel or other soft, foldable paper. Tape it on the bottom. Now you have a blank car canvas to decorate!

You can grab your favorite car to use as a model...

And use markers to decorate your car just like it! Get creative & use glitter or stickers. Whatever your child likes. PS: Stick a tattoo on your child's forehead :)

Keep checking your decorations to your model. We think it's starting to look EXACTLY like our model car. :)

Grab a pipe cleaner. Cut it into 4 pieces. Roll each piece into a circle. Tape these pipe cleaner "wheels" onto your awesome car!

Man, we think these cars are TWINS!

Yup. Twins.

Tattoo-faced boy is happy. That makes mom happy! Time to rev your engines & RACE! Enjoy!

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